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EU's average IQ dropped 20 points 9 months later.

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There is a faggot I know who always says: “IQ tests were made by white people and they were to measure intelligence against other white people. Of course IQ tests are biased against other races.”

And I’m like: “wow the indoctrination runs deep.”

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Why do Asians kick ass on IQ test then.. Wtf reality do these people live in.

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You could tell him that apparantly races ARE a huge thing then.

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But they have STREET SMARTS!

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My reply to that is "well, it's not like blacks were going to invent it".

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What's in it for the blondes besides black eyes, low IQ babies, and single motherhood?

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Virtue signaling points, of course.

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If their choice is

A: Soyboy https://kek.gg/i/4tLysS.png


B: A man (who also might be abusive, a rapist, a pedo, whatever)

They'll pick B every time.

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Pretty much, white guys forgot about masculinity, look at how white men are represented in pop culture, skinny, don't want to offend anyone. How are blacks represented? Masculine strong presences that don't take no shit. Combine this with most white guys actually being soy boys and a large portion of black guys actually trying to emulate being a thug and you have women seeing themselves better off with black guys as at least they are masculine and will make them feel protected.

The funniest part is that white guys are much better at being masculine, they tend to have a methodical conquering masculinity (just think England conquering the world), black guys are fractured and wild (Detroit and all of Africa) in their masculinity. As we moved into a polite society there is no reason to be masculine as the only thing left to 'conquer' for white guys are things like the economy and business, don't need to be masculine for those, in fact most aren't. Compared to black people which on average get handouts by white guys just for being black and poor and continue in their wild forms of masculinity, fully aware that in a polite society they shouldn't act like that, but because they have no dog in the fight (as they live in a society they didn't build and still believe is oppressing them) they continue destroying their communities and seeing how far down the rabbit hole white people will let them go.

So White guys have no reason to be masculine, and black guys do, I don't really believe in white supremacy but tribalism is definitely true and is what we are witnessing, the white guys are failing to protect their tribes and are therefor being conquered by another tribe. The shaming of white guys with terms like soy boy and cuck is probably more beneficial than anyone realized because it may be a track to returning white guys to a state of masculinity, through societal pressure, which seems to be one of the most powerful ways to ingrain something into a group of people long-term. In general anything that pushes whites away from being pushovers is a plus and should be applauded because women follow men and at the end of the day women from each tribe just want the men of their tribe to be able to protect them, and if they can't find it in them they will seek it elsewhere.

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Don’t forget their babies will look like monkeys

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Drugs and sex.

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They're pushing this agenda hard. I've noticed half the commercials highlight interracial couples & mixed breed bastards

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Just do an image search of "white couple" on Google.

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Yup, shit is starting in Germany too (or maybe I am just paying more attention to it, Streisand effect and wahtnot) its mostly in printed commercials, but there is always some (half) black chick in it, be it MD's or a Internet provider.

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and they'll all be dead in 5 years. Statistics is a bitch.

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Jesus wept. That is some poor parenting.

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These disgusting whores deserve the nigger babies they will spawn

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They deserve pussy & tit cancer

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Sweden, yes?

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Pretty sure they all learned what "DP" meant that night, whether they wanted to or not.

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