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Wait until you see how Chinese respond to being colonized compared to Africans. Here's a preview: Chinese say it sucked but they're glad someone brought them technology and knowledge. Africans complain they are being held down and their cultures/countries ruined forever.

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Wait till you see how the Chinese colonize:
"Native Africans? Oh, they moved away. ... Step away from the long rows of mounded earth. ... Give us your cameras and get out of here."
News: "Great Chinese leadership has discovered that Native Africans were a myth. History books to be reissued with corrections next year."

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Oh yes, I've seen. And then the next step is to tell all the Native Africans they are Han Chinese and China is their history and culture.

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Whtey, give me your cuck dues!

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A really great documentary to watch on this is Empire of Dust . https://imgoat.com/uploads/bd7939d674/75446.jpg

You were governed by a European country for so long. You should've learned how things work. Experience should be passed on, only that way can you develop. You went backwards instead of forwards. You neglected the things others had left you. What's more, you completely destroyed them.

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already saw it.

i know my stuff

that's how i'm so fucking good

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Good lad

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We hate whitey and the Chinese aren't white. I know this sounds stupid but a nigger can make sense of this because of the Chinese being fucked over by whitey during the push west in the early 1800s midwestern United States. The feel some sort of camaraderie of sorts. A nog actually told me this, it made about as much sense as anything else the nigger said. Who knows. If they think whitey raped them wait till the chinks get through with them.

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wow. that's dumb on so many level. not sure where to start

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Hey, just repeating what a nog told me, I think its all bullshit. We should invade them, take the diamonds, oil and natural resources an be done with that nigger shithole.

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Muslims raping your daughters, no one gives a fuck about it!

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Literally all of the text was in the title. I didn't even need to click on the thumbnail.

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What if i figuratively put all the text in the title? Would you still be whining then? HUH??!?

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Next time, metaphysically put text in it.