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The only way to "fix" daca is to deport every single taco nigger.

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Democrats are used to browbeating the cuckservitives into submission and getting their way. That shit isn't going to fly with Trump.

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I would have been surprised about Democrats getting played like this years ago, but now I realize that their base is almost entirely losers. It's like that old saying, "If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas".

I have reached the point that whenever I see certain corners of the internet crying about Trump stabbing his base in the back, that someone I don't like is going to embarrass themselves soon.

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The best part is that once this thing expires they can all get deported. And thanks to Obama they're all in a database. LMFAO.

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That is obviously Trump’s intention. This whole charade is just to give him political cover.

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He’s playing them like a flute

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Taconiggers have to go back! Out! Out! Out! - Doctor President God Emperor Trump

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Change your handle to captain obvious, it'd be far more fitting.