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AMERICA FIRST!, that should be his 2020 re-election campaign slogan.

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I'm not even sure there will be a need for a 2020 campaign slogan: the DNC is financially bankrupt and they have no leadership and they have no message.

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Never underestimate your enemy. Especially when they are as slimy as the Democratic party

[–] SirRender 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Their message is pretty clear to me, they hate America and its Citizens. They will do anything to import more democratic voters to replace or subvert the Citizens whose ancestors actually built this country. They have zero morales and will lie, cheat, steal, and murder to achieve absolute power. They are the enemy within.

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They have the backings of the Money Masters.

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When 2020 rolls around, the big internet companies like Google and Facebook will fully crack down on right wing speech. The things they're just testing now (like using AI to block comments) will be rolled out for real. The left will also target sites like voat - going after the web host, and performing DDOS attacks. In 2020, you wont be able to hear any alternative message or organize or anything.

Oprah might say something stupid, and you'll go online somewhere to make fun of her, but nobody will reply or seem to notice what you said - it'll be because they never saw it, and you'll never see messages from people who agree with you. It'll all be suppressed.

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That was already one of the campaign slogans in 2016.

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Thats MY President !

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So my family is from Guatemala. I'm kind of brown.

It's a fucking shithole, because of the brown people who live there.

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fuck you and your shit family

[–] truthwoke33 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Suck my dick beta cuck.

I dont talk to my beaner family anyways. Im so fucking sick of hearing BOOMPA LOOMPA BOOMPA LOOMPA music at 3 am while they talk about el jesus de christo para los chumpas de cabrones in their horrible shrill voices oh god I want to shoot myself already.

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A pre 6 AM tweet praising Murica. It could definitely be worse than this.

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(((This guy))) is always at the top of Trump tweets. His only thing is posting at or about Trump.

[–] MrKequc 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

The top of every single Trump tweet is the same people posting the same shit over and over again. I didn't have to block very many accounts before it all went away.

[–] guinness2 [S] 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Fucking dirty Jews - they never take even a day off from Jewing.

The only good kikes come fresh from the oven!

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He should come to Voat. 90% of the front page is posted at or about Trump.

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Two words and you have the blue-checkmark-for-a-living liberal bloggers losing their shit like always. I only wish I was that masterful at trolling those degenerates.

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Fuck yeah, I love this. Nice to see the sentiment shared so enthusiastically by our president

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