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"it's not how presidents should speak" "we're better than this"

Get over yourselves. He's president not sunday school teacher.

Off the top of my head, Andrew Jackson spoke like that all the time. So did Nixon and LBJ. Nixon said he wouldn't shake hands with anyone from san Francisco and basically called them all faggots and called bohemian grove "the faggiest goddamn bunch I've ever seen". It's on tape too.

This notion that the president has to act like a mommy who doesn't say anything crude is relatively new. He's trying to save your country not save your soul.

Those countries absolutely are shitholes. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Are we supposed to pretend like Hati is a nice place to live?

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'Member that time Biden told King Nigger "This is a big fucking deal!"? Here's the link: https://youtu.be/HHKq9tt50O8

This isn't real, but it's funny: https://youtu.be/AHcxzBwjYHg

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"You smell children." should be the default reply to EVERYTHING Biden tweets!

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I think parents would be happy if that's all he did any time he's near kids.

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A buddy of mine said once, "he sniffs kids and squeezes them like he's checking for ripeness."

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I realize it's an ad-hom but I'm going to be chuckling all day.

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is it still ad hom if it's a statement of fact? there is video evidence of pedo biden sniffing little girl's hair

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An Ad Hominem attacks the person rather than the argument. Stephaaaan's reply, sick burn though it was, does not address Creepy Joe's statement.

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I bet he does a little more than smell children

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He smells them with his turgid penis.

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Ew. Thanks for the new vocab word I didn't need.

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Says the guy that was the vice president to one of the worst presidents in US history. Not the absolute worst, but he's up there in in the top 10, possibly the top 5, the top spots are reserved for wilson and fdr. Luckily Obongo was a lazy nigger and wasn't able to initiate lasting change and fucked up most things with executive orders because he thought he wuz a kang. I would not be surprised if Biden the child fondler is one of the sealed indictments. That guy is a national embarrassment and I'm glad he currently has zero power.

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"The Storm" has been wonderful thusfar, but it must be orgasmic for President Trump because I have no doubt he knows precisely who those sealed indictments are for.

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This must be Biden virtue signaling over the shithole comments.

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Holy shit every day now is like a new gift

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