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This matches LibTard Flight Theory. LibTards have passed laws that made places like New York and California unlivable. Now they've moved on to nearby areas and are pushing through the same laws.


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You can say "jew" on voat


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They're not jews, they're just idiots.


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I hate most celebs as they, for the most part, have their head in the clouds and don't understand reality. Reality in hollywood is fuck or suck off some kike and you will get a part in a movie. The rest of the world does not work like that, it's based on merit and performance unless you're working for google or twitter, then it's based on your skin color, your genitalia, and your level of mental illness (think trans). Mr. Woods on the other hand is completely based and seems to eat, shit, and breathe red pills. I'd absolutely buy him a beer as a thank you for all of his awesome tweets if I ever saw him. Mr. Woods, if you're reading this, thank you for your based tweets.