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“We’re willing to give a little when it comes to border security, but we’re not willing to give away the whole hog and farm,” said Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.), a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus who attended the meeting.

They gained leverage illegally and openly discuss not giving up that illegal leverage...This country is so fucked

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Don't give them anything. Shut the fucking government down if they don't pass IMMIGRATION REFORM! Fuck those democrats and rinos. Cut off their paychecks and let them live off their bribes.

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hey dems, do you want DACA or the wall? :3

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It shouldn't be a fucking negotiation. All illegals and descendants of illegals should be deported, even if both your parents were born here but a single grandparent came illegally, and we should build the wall. No compromising. No mercy. Every compromise with the Left is a battle for the soul of the country lost.

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i agree DACA is one of the main problems, but consider this

its a negotiation the left is now forced to think about, and whichever one they pick, it will split their voter base in two.

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The right virtue signals almost as much as the Left. How many times have you heard someone say, "It's that I don't want immigrants, they just have to come here legally." What's so hard about just saying you don't want non-white immigration? Why hide behind the legality?

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The opposite of virtue signaling, really. Virtue signaling leftists pretend to care with their statements. The right here cares a lot about the issue but is holding its tongue to a large extent.

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You really think so? So if Congress passed a law declaring that all persons in North America are citizens of America, then the Right would be like, "Oh, okay, it was done legally and that's what we've been complaining about the whole time so I guess that settles that."

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What's so hard about just saying you don't want non-white immigration?

Because that's only true in the twisted dreams of the Left.

Right wing doesn't automatically mean racist, I'm sorry to bust your pre-programmed little bubble, there.

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Everyone is racist you idiot. Pretending we're all the same is a Left wing meme designed to trick you into accepting immigration from the 3rd world. The Left can't win the war of ideology, but they can import low IQ voters. But sure, go on and talk about how based some brown person you know is. While you're busy virtue signaling and submitting the assumed moral authority of the Left, ask yourself this:

If all non-whites in America vanished tomorrow, would the country be better off, worse off, or remain the same?