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“Shithole” and “shit-show” are two VASTLY different terms.

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The key word here is "shit". And TBH I don't usually agree with Obama but he was correct here.

Libya IS a shitshow AND Haiti and Africa ARE shitholes

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Fully agree as well. I’m just saying that shit-show was concerning the situation, whereas shithole is concerning the place as a whole.
Not saying it’s inaccurate.
Just saying they are two pretty different terms.

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Can't tell if serious and retarded, or sarcastic and joking

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Shit-show is concerning the situation.
Shithole is concerning the country as a whole.
The Libya matter WAS a shit-show.
Haiti IS a shithole.
The only thing I’m saying here is, trying to compare the two is apples to oranges. The only similarity in the words is the word ‘shit.’

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Look at the shit show Dumbo turned America into. He should know a shit show when he sees it.

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What newspaper was that from ? Your picture conveniently makes it impossible to fact check

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Thank you!!

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Well, he's not wrong on the fact that Libya is a shitshow, but you have to remember that stupid nigger allowed HRC to create the shitshow. Awesome pic for secretary of state, A number 1 pavement ape.

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Fucked up how Hillary took credit for taking out ghaddafi right after it happened. 4 days later the slave auctions begin and all of a sudden it was england's idea. I cant even hear Cameron's name without picturing him fucking a pig for lols.

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buh obama is everything... so everything is ok... lets spread mo fake news on trump

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It's a shit show when Michael pulls his massive cock out of Obamas ass.

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Now Obama? That dude was not my president. As in, legally.