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We are not "Making America Great Again" by having an AG that nobody wants. He is doing everything to protect the Clinton Dems and nothing to prosecute political crime that is on a level never known before.

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@freshmeat It's genocide and most people are too dumb to realise it...

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this is by far the most transparent shilling I have seen in awhile. Even star wars shills were better than these shareblue kikes spreading fake news about Sessions trying to sow discontent.

Maybe because he is going after Obama?

Look how easy it is to rile up the pot heads over fake news, I say that as a smoker. Go die in an oven kike.

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Why are Clinton and Abedin not in prison yet?

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Oh boy a thread critical of a reublucan. Time for everyone on voat to call each other share blue kike shills.

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Shut the fuck up you pedo shareblue kike shill.

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I forgot pedo.

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literally reddit

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"States Rights" is absolutely the point here. It's infuriating for me to think of the feds stepping on the states.

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Not to mention the fact that Sessions is presented as an Alabama good ol' boy. The South loves their states' rights so having a Southern AG step on that could very well be seen as a slap in the face to his heritage.

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Haha her shoe is also in the garden!

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Nice find.

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Genocide of the middle classes. Suppression of every cure.

Poor nutrition and lack of cannibinoids are the problem with society. As speculated before me, we require a drug culture of sorts, unfortunately the one we have consists of one of the worst drugs, alcohol. Which contributes to an increase in violence, hindrance of thinking when taken in excess and promotes destructive behaviour at an increased cost to medical and law enforcement. Healthwise, it destroys braincells, compare this to the neuro-regenerative properties THC presents, not to mention the entirely miraculous effects of CBD too. Yes, it makes people think abstractly - this fosters creative association and again, stronger neural processing... Stress ages us, which creates more stress... The western mind is relentless in it's pursuit to build a facade of show, while the interior goes to ruin. Cannabis fosters patience and understanding towards our fellow man, perhaps we should get Jeff Sessions stoned.

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The real genocide.

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Do they have billboards on the beltway that rings the Swamp (D.C.)? Because I'd chop in to have this displayed for a month or two. Or put it on bus stop seats and metro cars.

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