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I laughed so fucking hard I almost pissed myself. You couldn't write a better re-election slogan if you tried.

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Libya a shithole? yes check its a shithole and destroyed by Hillary Clinton..Haiti a shithole? yes, check. Paksitani a shithole that supported terrorists, yes check its a shithole is it not shithole? Is Brazil a shithole, yes check its a shithole full of hoodrat criminals? Sierra Leone, yhes its a disgusted diseased AIDs ridden shithole! Yup Cameroon, thats another shithole? Iran yes that's the shithole who says Death to America. Saudi Arabia that's the rich terrorist shithole who pay other terrorists to attack and kill Americans. Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala....yup they are shitholes not quiet islamo retard but over run by corruption, civil wars and drug dealer criminals!! Arabia in general, yes that's an islamist jihadi terror living shithole. Asscrackistan a shithole? yes its a shithole!! Honduras is that a criminal drug dealing gangster shithole, yup its a shithole!! Is Kenya a shit hole? yes its a shithole is it not!? Is Somalia a shithole, yes check its a shithole is it not?

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Who the hell would argue their not?

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TRUMP! HAHAHAHAH! I love this man.

MAGA 2018

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I never get tired of listening to this man.

It is so refreshing to have a politician just speak plain truth instead of forked tongue lies and double speak hypno babble.

MAGA cannot be said enough.

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"Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?" Trump burst out, referring to African countries and Haiti. Instead, he suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries like Norway.

A perfectly reasonable question. But we have to be sure we are getting Norwegians, and not niggers who have squatted in Norway.

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Good god.

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Enjoy president trump now, because there will never be such an honest and amazing president like him again.

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Yeah this is the pinnacle of our lives.. After this ends it will be over... Forever

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I'll be in my 90s before I see another president like this.

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I think you're wrong. People like Paul Nehlen are coming up and he's full on 1488!

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He's not even married to a white woman.

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Well, you can look forward to me running in 2032. I'll be the asshole selling ski masks that say 'Taxation is Theft' and blunt wraps printed with excerpts from the Quran and the Geneva Convention. To clarify here, things worth setting on fire.

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Careful of the type of ink used, no need to poison folk.

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when hes right, hes right

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Something tells me he isn't going to allow DACA. I hope and pray, and evidence seems to keep coming...

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I fear youre wrong. The real matter is are we gonna control our border and fucking immigration or not?

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Yes. Why? Why are Israeli's coming here and granted dual citizenship?? Hello? HellloOOOO?

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I loved my president.

I would have preferred he used the term "shitskin", but "shithole" is valid too.

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Somehow the left is trying to use this against him. They are shit hole countries

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Haha, my news feed had a pussy hat wearer upset about this. Like do they not know the state of some of those countries? I'll give her a pass though since she's pumping out white babies.

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stupid white babies by the sound of it

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Those countries are objectively shitholes. Blame Clinton for making Libya into one

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Not sure what the formal definition of a shithole is, but I’m highly confident that these countries do infact qualify.

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According to DuckDuckGo:


A hole into which one shits
A very unkempt dirty place
The anus
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