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They are Caucasians but they (Slavs) are not white people.

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As cringe worthy as it sounds, he's technically right

Many russians don't consider themselves "white", but russians, slavs, needless to say that russia isn't exclusively "white"


How we consider them is one thing, how they consider themselves is yet another

Now no doubt there are russians, slavs, that consider themselves white, and I recognize them as such, because if we stick to the scandinavian types only as "white", we won't get very far, especially with sweden


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Slavs are not white people...? Are you color blind?


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What about european jews ? They look white right ? Of course they do that's how they infiltrated us by parading as gentiles

Well too bad they don't consider themselves as white and jesus is boiling in shit for eternity according to their book


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by your argument asians are white people


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Most likely the oldest and first.