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Original URL since archive looks like it borked it:


For easier viewing of the first part that got cropped, here's a kek.gg: https://kek.gg/i/w-QyW.png

Personal take on it: 1. This hit front page of the other site on politics 2. No mention of this being far more common and younger girls in Islam 3. Plea to emotion and playing of the liberal Christian hate approach. (fuck those cock-sucking cucks) 4. This seems to coincide with a mass disinformation campaign to make it seem like Roy Moore has no chance of winning on Monday. Seems VERY similar to how they tried this last year at an election.

Just sharing the disinformation and new approaches they are taking. (Not that NEW of an approach but the religious call out in Alabama and the constant spam that the nigger vote will stop him from winning is rather amusing to watch)