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I don't think our top concern would be Secretary Podesta if Bill's wife was President.

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fair point.. unless Podesta was actually the handler for both the Clintons and Obama

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If Podesta was the handler, why was he so deeply tied to the same dirt as them? Obama's theorized handler VJ kept her distance from the sleaze even while keeping him on a tight leash.

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guys, the more I've been on Voat the more I'm starting to NOT be a democrat, but still can someone outline to me exactly why you think HIllary's the devil?

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Oh boy.

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I'm not going to provide the links because I'm lazy but I will put it in pretty simple terms.

The shit she did in the middle east resulted in an equivalent number of deaths of children as happened when the nuclear bombs were dropped on japan. when presented with this she says that in their opinion its justified.

next: the clip where she laughs about killing gadaffi in libya.

next: present day - public slave markets in libya.

So she has 0 problem killing fucktons of children in order to kill gadaffi and bring back the slave markets in libya.

you have to be a special kind of evil to get into devil tier, but she is well up there and this is just the precum from the load she would have blown if given the chance.

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Not to mention the Supreme Court! I think Obama didn't elect one in his last year because it was ammunition to have a democrat elected and it backfired.

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Obama wanted to replace Scalia with a liberal, but the Republicans cited Biden's old rule about "no SC appointments in an election year, because the other party might win" to block that January replacement.

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It would have been ten times worse. Obama was an empty suit, Hillary is an empty vessel

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holy shit man..... you are not wrong...

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You need to read Adios America! by Ann Coulter and realize how badly fucked the United States is because of the Democratic party. It's an easy read and every American that cares about their nation needs to read.

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Just thinking about JP being Secretary of State with her in office is scary. She used that position to do untold harms internationally including here in the US her act to monetize Foster care into nothing more than a system of legal kidnapping and providing bad guys with kids. You know. The act that Senator Nancy Schaeffer exposed for what it was and was murdered for. ASFA. Yea. Another Clinton act.

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' it takes a village '

Hillary is the ' IT '

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You just made me picture a horror movie clown!!! Good one!

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The title alone will be giving most of us nightmares tonight. Hillary would have put Elena Keagens girlfriend in as Supreme Court justice and poof, the country would be toast already by now. ...brrrrrr......

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... brrrrrr........

Yes, Nuclear Winter is very cold indeed.

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Yet she wasn't and the election was over a year ago now. Why the fuck are you guys allowing yourselves to be distracted by this partisan politics bullshit. Each side flinging shit at each singing songs of doom and how it's "the other sides fault", as if we don't all just want food shelter and safety. It's just sad.

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What she really destroyed was Libya.

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Don't forget she played her part in destroying Ukraine and Syria too

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Podesta looks so much like a weasel it's got me wondering.

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