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So... is Trump a different breed of Zionist or what? The mixed signals we're getting out of his stance on Israel and Syria are fucking mystifying the fuck out of me.

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I still think he's playing nice. Keep your allies close and your enemies closer.

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I am not so sure. I am all about realpolitik but is marrying your kids of to jews keeping them a little too close?

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Let's hope so...

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Because Trump only think progressive jews as the enemy, not all jews.

It's a hard concept for some of you, but not all "conservatives" want to put the Shapiro, Yiannopoulos, or the Netanyahus in the oven.

I used to want to gas every jews alive too, but then I dated this jewish girl and I started to think that maybe not all of them are bad (not worse than "progressive" goys). Maybe Ivanka went through the same shit.

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I mentioned his jewish association 25 days ago and was shunned.

But seriously what is thst hebrew plaque hanging in hits office back in 1984?

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You obviously haven't followed Trump as much as a lot of others have. During the election it came up through the lying media that the Jews hated Trump. Trump said no they don't they give me awards every year, they love me! So there's your answer. Straight from Trump. It's another award that was given to him.

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That is a crazy good catch. Wish more people would have weighed in on your post.

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Yeah, it's really hard to gauge. I like to play out all possible scenarios in my head. From worst case scenario to best, here is what I see:

  1. Trump would be in the hand of the Jews and is really put in place to unite whites only to lead them to their demise via botched military action or something of the sort. Kind of like the theories that Hitler was a plant all along and wouldn't have allowed the Germans to win the war. In my opinion, not too likely, especially given the Jew media's rabid like attacking of him, which does not seem orchestrated in a fake reverse psychology kind of way, but more of a reactive, incoherent and way too emotional way.

  2. Trump actually doesn't mind the Jews at all, and does not see their destructive nature on society for what it truly is. They are almost the same as whites in his eyes, so why not recognize Jerusalem as the capital and work with them. .. More likely.

  3. Trump is not an idiot. Given his intelligence, and public mentions of conspiracy theories before, he probably is well aware of the JQ. In this scenario, he needs to play ball with the jews now as he doesn't have much of a choice. Especially until he sorts out the opposition from within the swamp itself, he has no chance whatsoever of outwardly and obviously addressing the JQ or performing any actions to seriously fight back. I mean he has even mentioned multiple times about auditing the fed, put up the Jackson portrait... I think he drops so many clues that it really does seem like they are clues and not just overly optimistic overanalysis of everything he does.

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Because if you are an anti-semite nationalist you would never be allowed into power in the first place by Israel.

The only nationalist leaders who can get elected are Israel loyalist like Trump, Orban, etc.

Actually today pretty much there exist no anti-semitic right-wing political figures in every democratic nation. It had to do with education and knowledge. Like how Israeli nationalism is beneficial for gentile nationalist cause. To make it short, trading support of Israeli nationalism (on the expense of palestine) with support of gentile nationalism (like eastern eu closing borders thingy, and support of right-wing conservative leaders in elections). Most American Jews hated Trump, but Israeli govt supported Trump. Most American Jews liked Trudeau, but Israeli govt didn't like him. It's a globalism vs nationalism thing.

Basically there's wealth, and the jews are fighting for the control of wealth. On one side you have Soros, Rothschild, other progressive globalists and most upper class ashkenazi jews, and on the other side you have Netanyahu and co, ethnocentrist, conservative, Israeli ultranationalist and the majority of mizrahi jews.

Israeli state is powerful, but they are much weaker than the globalist jewish bankers.

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Link to the Israel UN vote scandal?

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That is what Flynn was fired for, his description to VP Pence is what got him fired, it may of turned out different if General Flynn would of been like oh shit forgot about x conversation VP. Who knows but its not that big of a deal compared to this FBI Agent Strozk character, he is secret police, some sort of NKVD variant

Flynn was directed by Kushner after November 8th to begin the Presidential Transition and to reach out to all the foreign dignitaries Flynn would have to say hey, I am the guy you need to contact, I General Flynn represent the United States. Kushner told Flynn to tell the Russian ambassador that they expected Russia to vote a certain way in an upcoming vote.


General Flynn when interrogated without an attorney with Strozk FBI Agent either forgot about his conversation or lied about it, I haven't seen much details to those specifics. Even though FBI Agent Strozk took extensive notes with Flynn and didn't with the entire Benghazi AND Hillary illegal email server problem/case/investigation.

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All the Arabs are so butthurt this week.

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arabs are always butthurt

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Now they know how their goats feel.

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the jews will continue to do what they have always done, which is to jew people. they have done this throughout history and show no signs of having learned anything from the past instances where people got sick of their shit. unfortunately its the 21st century and the next time people get sick of their shit it wont come at the sound of jackboots hitting the ground in repetition, rather a glass vial shattering on the ground in a major jew den. a few years later there will be no "jewish" blood left alive, and likely whatever got them will mutate and kill the rest of us also. so there is your happy thought for the day.

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I honestly think they want t another big war? Everytime shit is getting bad finacial (((the banksters))) need a war to reset everything..

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All wars are bankers wars.

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I literally had to sign in just to comment this.

If this was Obama, you would have torn him to shits. You would have looked at his aipac speech and now this move in Jerusalem and condemned him for being a zionist jew. I'm all for pointing fingers at who ever is fucking up, but don't let identity politics skew your view. We claim that Hillary supporters are INSANE for somehow still backing her after all the shit hit the fan! Yet, you draw up these conclusions in your head of why Trump isn't a zionist, which im not saying he is or isn't. But I'm not looking to somehow defend EVERYTHING he does.

Listen I'm not saying stop supporting the man, but NEVER stop questioning the government's actions. You can still love Trump, but don't fall into identity politics and become blind to everything he does. Hold him accountable! You put him into office, so if you feel you don't like one of his decisions/policies, SPEAK UP! Don't keep quite because you feel like everyone will oust you on this platform. Last time I checked we are the HUB of free speech on the Internet! Never stop questioning my fellow voaters! 🐐

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You literally just bought this account from a guy and paid more for the " over 2.4 years ago " as to hide your intentions.... Nothing before this piece ..... Just now..... You try and seem reasonable while seeding your discontent Open, Bad, Soothe into Good, and hope to break foundation of those on the fence ..... This is a basic conversational tactic used to persuade people passively....


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Yeah it's weird, he's making a valid point I agree with but maybe it's just a Trojan horse post. It's a new tactic, come in as a concern troll pretending to be on our side. 2.4 years and hes only posted 30 comments total.

You should see how bad the sockpuppeting is on Reddit. I'm like 90% sure half the posts ( And I mean literally half) is just fake spam from shills and bots.

Speaking of, botnets from Indian niggers are destroying the internet and it's the biggest problem nobody is talking about.

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BTW, you've been on Voat for 3 months. Have some respect for your elders. Look at my post history, I always tell my voaters to question everything. Even trumps election.

XSS1337, disagree with me if you like. That's what this platform was created for!

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Hahaha lol this is exactly what I mean, the fact that I said something against the "Status quo" here, I'm being labeled a shill LOL. take what I said how ever you want. You proved my point, just because our view points are not aligning, you've chosen to believe that I "bought" an account. Instead of believing that I am really not an active user.

I don't mind be questioned though, due to what has been happening recently to Voat and years before. You can take my word and believe me, or not. Still love you guys!