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I just got off the phone with God. He told me Nancy Pelosi is a liar. He actually wants all DREAMers to dream their way back to their home countries and apply to come back legally.

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You I believe total stranger. Nancy? hahaha, no.

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Or at the very least not essentially subsidize corruption in their home country by coming here and sending money back...

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She thinks Hillary is God.

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goddess - corrected that for you

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It’s cute how (((she))) calls her handlers “god”.

Nancy ‘lap dog’ Pelosi

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Kind of an odd thing to think. Did she forget Christian heaven is also heavily vetted and requires 100% assimilation? I don't remember God saying he wants to let demons into heaven that hold signs saying fuck Christians give us free shit and be tolerant of our evil ways.

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You can't be both believe in God and be a progressive.

There's no religion that endorse faggotry.

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She also claimed that the bill cutting American's taxes was the "end of the world" and "Armageddon". Ironically I believe she went on to question the presidents mental stability afterwards...

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Well now I'm on board

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God told me "sorry for the whole nigger thing you guys".

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term limits please, she has lost her mind to one of bills STDs

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