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Obama already started a genocide. The irony

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You must be speaking of the Arab Spring and the Democracy Dividend which led to the relocation of righteous refugees seeking a better life, and the willing benevolent citizens who believe in Love and Diversity that opened their arms to a future of Hope and Change.

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If only that was true.

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this fukn treasonous nigger

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Yea.... Because he shit the bed with the Jews and Soros and all the players when Clinton Lost.....

Tis going to be a Red Christmas indeed at this rate.....

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God willing. We need an ethnic cleansing in this country. We can start by deporting the millions of illegal latinos. Next we can stop subsidizing the fertility rate of native niggers and latinos. This alone would be enough to stop the white genocide.

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Then is Obama Stalin?

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No we're headed for civil war --- whites against blacks (and Muslims)

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No, Go for the Jews and The Blacks and the others can be given a choice.....

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