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How has a German not made an attempt on her? She is literaly a traitor to their entire culture and people.. Its fucking disgusting.

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Merkel is determined to wipe out the German people.

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Liberalism is a disease that causes mental illness.

[–] Cat-hax 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

no, mental illness leads to liberalism

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not insane. EVIL

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She's doing it wrong. What they need to do is allow them to leave to visit their families, then never let them back in again.

[–] 22jam22 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Brilliant.. Offer some type of vacation visa.. If thry leave they can bring back 2 family members in 2 months.. Never let the mother fucker back in.. U could kick them out of the planes over the middle of the biggest desert from 20k thousand d feet as well.

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do you think the world will ever know what merkel personally thinks she is doing? is she trying to line her pockets, does she think she is doing good, doing bad? i pray that by some miracle, after this is all over and done with, she explains her reasoning.

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she is a servant of satan and is paving the way for the reign of the anti christ

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She just goes with the flow, listening to her handlers and lining her pockets in the same time. She is too busy to think about it.

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Germany needs to wake up and put her to sleep before she puts Europe to sleep for good.

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So let me see if I have this right, immigrants flee their homeland rather than fight AND they leave their family’s behind?

I’ve never heard of such cowardice faggotry before. Fucking scum sucking parasitic pieces of shit, I have to wonder what they see in the mirror, or how they could even look at themselves, or how their kids must view thier coward faggot of a father.

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does ANYONE remember ANYTHING about the shit americans had to spill blood and treasure for....? Kosovo? who the fuck did we side with? How bout that guy that killed himself the other day with poison because they were prosecuting him for what ANY non-mooslim will have to do in the future. Shit! This is all so amazingly simple. The reason it seems SO CONVOLUTED AND STUPID is BECAUSE the assholes pushing this shit will NEVER suffer the adverse reactions of their decisions.

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