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And we all know university isn't the testing ground for ideas -- the place where your critical thinking, debating skills, and knowledge are to be put to the test.

It's a safe space where only one viewpoint will be permitted.

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I went to a school near Hampshire college, I think I can safely say not a single person on the right would choose to go there. It's the type of school that doesn't have grades

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What view point is that?

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Depends on the college, but you can safely assume it's somewhere in the authoritarian left part of the political spectrum.

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When I saw this headline, I said to myself "They cancelled the day before the talk, right?" I went to the article and guess what, I was wrong:

Wednesday night she was supposed to address Hampshire College on the same subject. She didn’t get to, because the administration canceled her speech hours before.

This is a tactic of the left. It is calculated to cause the maximum expense and disruption.

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They certainly wouldn't want students debating anything. I mean, they're here to be indoctrinated,.

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This is the kind of woman I would miscengenate and corrupt the white race with. We could have half white half nigger babies.

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ladyboy should go back and preach gun rights to its own people

The right to self-defense is a right of English Colonials (Real Americans, not Paper Americans) and their posterity. Why would such a right be extended to dangerous xenos boggles the mind.

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Just make sure to wrap those students up in nice and cozy pink bubble wrap so they don't get hurt. Also baby-proof any electricity outlets just in case.

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Shut it down.

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"the second amendment [sic], which is a very controversial subject" apparently something written in the bill of rights is now controversial. This is how the marxist erode our understanding of liberty and a fair dialogue. They censor and then use deceptive language.

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