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Hopefully they throw the book at him and this savage gets a few years.

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His lawyer is what we refer in the business as a SLIME BALL......he is openly mocked by other lawyers- - he is HATED for his unethical behavior- but loved by Antifa- just enough legal- eze to fool even keel SJW's parents ( whom Eric still lives with his parents- he is near fourty and still at home) no wonder he lashes out at people- who don't live with their parents- he feels threatened by a real male......what a complete douche bag

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Can we get some info on the possibility activist judge that will be hearing the case?

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I hope he does blindside the bike lock guy. We have already seen illegals aquitted of gun-based murder in California, it would not surprise me if spite causes him to walk free.

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So the "Prof" learns that his oh so enlighten allies are not real freinds. At best he gets redpiled by that (and that fact that commies have no lobby in prison) that he turns normal.

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How big is the book? Can it be equated to a bike lock in heft?

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When Lady Liberty throws the book at you, she looks you in the eyes and tells you it's coming. When a seditious commie swings a bike lock at someone, he waits until they're looking away and then attempts to murder him. Liberty vs. tyranny. Let him think about it as he rots in the prison that his fellow Americans are merciful enough to pay for.

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Jew media is always silent when it comes to truth, because Jews can only tell lies.

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Even a troll can be right twice a day.

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Yes they will but you shouldn't care, the media is irrelevant and word will quickly get around elsewhere.

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Update, Sept. 28: The preliminary hearing in this case has been postponed, and Eric Clanton is not set to return to court until Dec. 14, when attorneys will attempt to resolve the case during pretrial.

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Of course. Just like they have been silent about me, that big throbbing member that punishes Barry every night from behind. BEHIND, GET IT? Bwahahahahahahaha. Uhhh.

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Is that you, Larry Sinclair?

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Whatever happened to the charger guy? i haven't heard anything for a while.

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Exactly. His "Public Defender" has yet to even make a public statement about the case.

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you mean the one where the fat ass woman died from a heat attack and not from being run over by a car...

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Clanton- that boy child in a mans body is having a hard time, maybe he will be in jail for x-mas fingers crossed.

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He'll probably get the same jury that acquitted Steinle's illegal immigrant killer.

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