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The Dem strategy is to create public perception that most male politicians are rapists. Then they run lots of liberal women for offices because they are immune to that charge. Also Dems plan to run another woman for president in 2020 and dig up women who will accuse Trump of making them "uncomfortable" during the next 3 years. The only defense is to repeatedly show that most of the creeps are Dems.

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Overlooked is the fact the WOMEN have the real power in Satanic Cults and are far more likely to harm children than males because of the whole access thing.

METOO is about suppressing #PIZZAGATE

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Fuck you and your satanic cult bullshit. For fucks sake, we're trying to have an adult conversation. Bring that shit back down to your basement apartment.

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The debate over a yearbook signature makes the Moore thing look like bullshit. Franken fondled an unconscious woman duct taped to a chair on camera...

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Same with the nog from Detroit, and they're all in on it. The nog and the kike are guilty as fuck so they deny allegations and "take the high road" and resign. This will sweep everything under the rug and allow the DNC to attack Moore on the basis of "Our guys resigned on allegations alone, you should too!" The main difference is the allegations against the nog and the kike are most likely legitimate, and the allegations against Moore are most likely fabricated. DNC tactics 101, accuse your opponent of what you're guilty of.

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Not clear on what this "whataboutism" means.

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Leftist: Trump is a nazi (opinion)

Sane person: Hillary's mentor was a KKK leader (fact)

Leftist: that's a whataboutism

Simply just means that you slung shit back at them but they don't want to accept it.

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Which is why libtards project so much. Trying to cover, in advance, for their wrongs. Doubt it will work like it used to this time around.

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"Whataboutism is a variant of the tu quoque logical fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent's position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument"

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They endorsed Hillary and Bill and endless elites in Hollywood. They have nothing.

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I will not openly behave like a Jew. – St. Maximus the Confessor