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Public Unions should be banned. They already have the power to vote just like every other citizens, but on top of that they have collective bargaining rights against the government. This gives them more power over the average citizen creating almost like a caste system. Fuck this shit.

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Public Unions should be banned. They already have the power to vote just like every other citizens, but on top of that they have collective bargaining rights against the government.

Ah yes. We need more government regulation. Why is it always people who cry loudest about freedom are usually people who actually oppose freedom?

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It is one. Union jobs go to guys who have been there a long time, and their immediate families. Everyone else supports them. The leaders are the blue collar royals and their worker serfs keep them fat. Union guys go crazy when you mention this, they have been fucking brainwashed like crazy.

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Free the invisible hand!

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It's either a tax by a non-governmental agency or it's extortion. RICO every Union in the country.

Shut down every one. If you want to organize, create a new group to be scrutinized through existing laws. MAGA.

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Notice how the only way blue leaning organizations get funding is either by force, or by extortion. If people had to decide what to fund with their money, and had a choice, the funding pools woudl get much smaller

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Oh shit, where will the democrats get their political funding now?

First the salt reform in the trump tax plan to tax the coastal rich, and now this? Trump is going for a kill before 2020, hell maybe before 2018 even.

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Remember, Philly tried to spin the EITC as an "eaned" benefit for its community. They completely ignored the part that the EITC is meant to be used when you earn so little income, you qualify for the credit. All this so they can use other taxes (Soda Tax, Alcohol Tax, Sales Tax) to steal back the EITC. Don't worry, these cities will find ingenious ways to keep stealing and make it look less obvious

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If all things were constant, then yes you would be correct.

Only multiple things are hitting at once: Boomer retirement, millineal workforce, and infrastructure upgrades. The big companies are moving out of the cities, to be near their data centers in the burbs, they are also are enjoying a tax benefit and new, better buildings. So there is that hit to the tax revenue.

Next are the snow flakes. There are two types of millineal college student: Those that have marketable degrees, and those that don't. The ones with marketable degrees are leaving the cities, the others are stuck. By itself this is nothing, except companies are fleeing for infrastructure, and then the boomer retirement

The boomers that can afford to retire, are. So what do they do? They leave the cities and move elsewhere. this means that a huge portion of the working population will now have fixed income, and will be moving to cheaper, low stress, low cost places.

No, the cities are fucked, and they have been gentrifying in an attempt to stay relevant. The modern service based economy requires modern infrastructure, and cities can not upgrade as fast as the suburbs or the countryside. This is a problem that they made for themselves, that is going to be exasperated by changing demographics.

The democrats and the establishment republicans were not paying attention, so when this perfect storm hits, a lot of places are going to be caught off guard.

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It funny how we like the freedom to chose our products but we restrict businesses on buying the product know as labor.

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Unions are great if youre a fuck up. They help keep you from being fired. I saw it all the time. Of course if youre the employer you get fucked left and right. The only way a union works is if everyone is on the level, which they arent.

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As long as the terms of the bargaining agreements don't apply to employees who don't pay, I think it's fair.