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Trump is an achiever. Obama is a speaker.

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You spelled useless-nigger wrong

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wait... George W Bush is White

can't have Obama without the help of the Bush's and Clintons

After all, it was a 4 part takedown of America. Trump stopped step 4.

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That's racist.

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Biggest laugh of the day!

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That's not a real word, I am sorry.

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Obama is a speaker.

If if if if if if

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You spelled traitor wrong

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I live in what was an industrialized city, and I see nothing to suggest more jobs being created. Nor have any of the people I know that work at what's left of the manufacturing here mentioned anything about jobs elsewhere picking up..

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get the fuck out of there, you fucking idiot.

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I also live in an industrialized city in the good old US of A, and here is my evidence:


I also just got a promotion, and am going into space tomorrow!

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I was talking to a guy yesterday who said there are tons of new machining jobs opening up right now.

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I live in an industialized city and there are help wanted signs at nearly every business

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One of Bill's wife's blunders was harshing on coal, telling workers and families she will end their careers and lifestyles, happiness. Because, she knows what's best for Americans.

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I can't believe that POS obama tried to credit for the economy this year.

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wait... doesn't it take 8 years of preparation for 4% growth ?

all the haters were screaming about the lackluster 3rd quarter and now... they are jumping over themselves to take credit for what looks like an economic freight train leaving the station to MAGA

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Slight of hand and running his mouth like a sideshow swindler speaking gibberish while his cohorts lift your wallet.

Obama may be a decent orator, especially if in comparison to dumb-as-fuck Bush the blathering idiot, but the thing is, broke-back-barrack has never had anything meaningful to say. In all his drawn-out, long winded speeches all he does is repeat rhetoric, same tired old shit time after time. I doubt that pinsuit-pinhead has ever had an original thought in his long over-due life.

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My sides are in orbit!

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Who cares what niggers say?

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Community organizer Obama.

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For fuck's sake people. If we were not strangled by regulation we would be as inventive as we were in the 1800's. Do you think anyone would have invented fucking anything if today's regulations applied. The Wright brothers? Tesla? Even Edison, for fuck's sake.

We are missing out on a much better life, because of all the niggers and the regulation they justify.


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I do, actually.

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Fuck you.

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Clusterfuck Obama. The more you know or able to compare to Trump's on going doings one realizes just how bad Michelle's wife was.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK CALLIN' HIM A FUCKIN' WOMAN FUCKIN' COLD!

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