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Let’s do away with the “i’ll just leave this here..” . With all due respect, it’s faggy.

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One step above " I thought this deserved some love."

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Oh god I forgot about that level of shitpost

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I can't be the only one here that want's the government completely out of the economy, can I? I mean, I understand not everyone is full on anarcho-capitalist, but surely we've got a bunch of people here who realize that the meddling in the economy by the government by definition does more harm than good, right?

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I understand that, look what happens every time government gets involved with an industry.

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We don't need economic indicators anymore. (((They've ))) learned how to keep them always going up. Now it's just about velocity.

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Like currency volocity? You know that concept is litterally made up to excuse inflating.

Where as median income vs cost of living are useful indicators.

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Velocity of money is an important indicator. If money isn't being spent then the economy isn't working and money is going into bubbles which spells further trouble.

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Yes. But then all the numbers are made up like unemployment, CPI, GDP.... to support the casino. My favorite is "quantitative easing"... let's call it monetizing debt.

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Less poor people means less Democrat votes. A strong middle class means a strong country.

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The Democrats coasted for close to 40 years because of rhetoric by FDR and his acolytes. When the economy imrpoved notwithstanding their policies, they turned to racial and gender identity politics.

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WRONG! This implies that there was actually growth for the last eight years.

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couldn't be more truthful, would rather tank the whole market and take their stipend for the shell shadow corps they represent then watching everything get great again. Fuck those cucks!

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I hope this is real, but I feel a big ass bubble about to pop and has me scared I have a house im flipping I need to see before the pop! Or I will be pretty fucked.. Not completely wife is a nurse I would have to work my ass off to pay the note, if it sells shit I don't have to do much of anything. Finish a board game im developing would be about it.

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Whatever happens, what President Trump is achieving with rebuilding our manufacturing industries and raising our GDP means we will be able to recover from any such bubble-bursting.

I hope that President Trump is also rebuilding our military and planning to rebuild our infrastructure because he also plans to end the Federal Reserve during his second term... but needs to get us ready so we can bounce back after the financial depression when it becomes public knowledge that Jews looted all of our gold.

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Agreed. We need to rebuild the Navy, both the ships and the officer corps.

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I agree alot but we really don't need to keep building our millitary we need to have the ability to build shit if we need it but we need to go back to being isolationist in my opinion.. Cut millitary spending balance the budget amend the constitution not allowing to spend more money then what is brought in, get rid of the federal reserve... declare war on the debt we owe when we are back to even then maybe our kids will have a future.

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I'll just leave this here... ❤️

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