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Open Borders and Diversity for Israel!

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Gotta say, whatever you feel about the Jews and Mossad, that's a great fuckin' post.

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Well, they do have some standing in the field of humour, I give them that.

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They hangout around us all the time, its bound to rub off a bit.

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Not real account anon, no blue check (twitter's gold star).

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They need to go into ovens. I won't humanize what will one day be ashes.

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We should just gas them. Do you realize how long it would take to get 6 gorillion through ovens?

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3 days? Low energy.

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Fuck yeah, we have been raging on Afghanistan for 16 years.

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See! This is commitment.

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Translation: there will be a slight updtick in random stabbings and molotov cocktails being tossed at Israeli Police in the West Bank, there will be extra riotous crowds in the Arab parts of Jerusalem. Hamas in Gaza will launch some ineffectual rockets, and may even provoke the IDF again.

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And all the leftists screaming "Free Palestine" . And now the left is pushing this as some sort of apartheid struggle. If your country has "no-go-zones", pay attention to how fast they turn into "Palestine" and the apartheid argument is used on you.

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Fucking exactly

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Palestine was stolen by the UN and the Rothschilds starting in the late 1800s, with most of the Palestinian GENOCIDE happening after 1946. Those kikes want all whites to feel bad about the OY VEY SIX GORILLION GOY, but imagine how many TIMES more people they have killed to take over Palestine. It's not a leftist argument, they simply deserve that land more than the hook-nosed, beady-eyed kike menace.

I'd rather have another Muslim country than for Israel to exist at all.

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Faux outrage.

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Palestinians are like any other sandniggers, but here's the thing about niggers, sand or otherwise: they're simple and they're predictable. Jews, on the other hand, are horrendously conniving, insidious, underhanded wretches, and they've been doing some horrible, horrible shit over in the West Bank while screaming that they're the ones being persecuted. I highly suggest you watch this video, if only because it's utterly fascinating and you won't find the information anywhere else because it gets suppressed (and this one apparently slipped through the cracks).


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have you seen louis theroux's documentary on the 'Ultra Zionists'? eye-opening

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I've been there.

She's just a pussy SJW loser. There's nothing wrong with shooting palestinians when you are in war with them. In fact Europeans should be shooting muslims who tried to go invade their countries.

You need violence and blood spilling for the sake of nationalism, otherwise the globalist progressives would've won like what you see right now in EU.

Fascist state is good. Jewish supremacist state can coexist with white nationalist ethnosupremacist state. Black second class is good. She's a fucking idiot.

Israeli nationalism is FUCKING great and that's how white nations should've been.

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100% fucking nuke the entire region

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Recognizing Jerusalem is probably just an excuse for another (((land grab))). I'd be pissed too.

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Sound like an indi band name....3 Days of Rage tonight only!

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