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How much have we wasted on importing inbred Arabs and caring for their diseases and useless inbred children?

How much have we wasted on important Somalis who have an average IQ of 68 which is 2 points below our qualification for welfare due to retardation?

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We will not survive by writing about it here. We need to unify religiously.

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Well globalists need societies which want to be led to greatness by their powerful comitees and planners. People who blame society for their own shortcomings and think they deserve reparations from the "haves". A globalist collective focussed on sucking the lifeblood out of nations through the use of their new easily manipulated neighbors.

Do you think it is a coincidence that the Arab spring happened because of information disseminated through Twitter? It was a test of their ability to get the ignorant savages to act the way they wanted them to through the propaganda platform. This is why the FBI and CIA met with Facebook, Twitter, and google. This is why Twitter, Facebook, and Google have all closed ranks and are enforcing this SJW agenda and censoring things that work against it.

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Schools are mostly funded by the state and local property taxes. States get funding in the form of federal grants if they comply with federal educational innitiatives, but the amount is just a fraction of a state's education budget.

My state declined federal interference and thus federal funding. There is not anything the feds can do to coerce a state that is not accepting bribes federal grants.

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Of course they're all the same it's theater they don't give a shit bout us only their donors. Fucking swamp

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Left/right/dem/repub = jewish owned

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Owned by different jews. The left is owned by jewish globalists (destruction of european culture, mass immigration, reform judaism/atheists, liberal zionism, socialism/communism, etc) and the right is owned by jewish nationalists (ethnocentric, jewish populism, greater israeli plan, nationalist zionism, conservatism, etc).

The nationalist jews (Trump's supporters) want Jerusalem as capital (it's a symbolic move for Israeli nationalism). Soros and co actually don't give a fuck (it didn't make them more wealthy after all).

That's what people don't get. The jews who fund the left is not the same as the jews who fund the right.

Heck, they are literally fighting a tug of war for control of Israel and their puppet nations (read on Israeli election history for details). So the Kushner and the Soros is not in the same side. Power is limited after all.

If the nationalist jews lost power, the globalist jews will make sure that white genocide plan became a reality. It is imperative that the Israeli nationalist hold power in Israel or everything will be lost. The Hungary and Poland is only spared from muslim invasions due to their alliance with the Israeli state (which is born out of necessity, because Soros is an extremely powerful common enemy).

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That's what people don't get. The jews who fund the left is not the same as the jews who fund the right.

A jew is a jew, and they all work towards the same goal(total control). They just fight over the little things. Rest assured that the goyim are just cannon fodder.

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You don't have a calculator with enough zeros to get there.

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Too much. even a single dollar is too much. Wish I had figures for ya, but I guarantee it's too much.