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That's not a Garrison comic. I know it's a meme to put his name on stuff but it's not cool

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Yeah, I don't see the funny in it. Even if Garrison was an asshole why do this? Isn't this something Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer started? Garrison mentioned that Anglin trolls him relentlessly. I just don't see a good reason why.

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It started out with editing Ben's own comics with pictures of Le Happy Merchant to make them much more anti-semitic, just for the fuck of it because /pol/ is /pol/. But Garrison threw a fit in public about it, and we all know the number 1 rule of dealing with trolls is that crying about it only makes them stronger. So, it became a /pol/ (and elsewhere) meme to add his signature to any ol' racist thing. Garrison has since softened his outcry, perhaps realizing he was only adding fire to the flames, but the meme lives on. Like most memes, it's not actually funny, it's just "a thing people do".

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That's not Ben Garrison.

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Not enough word labels.

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I knew immediately it wasn't a Garrison cartoon. Garrison doesn't use the art of other people, and he's not as overtly anti-Jew as this. Also, Garrison is funny, this knock-off is not.

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Good work! We are Definetly getting closer to this a meme that will blow this issue up into normy territory.

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Have you been Jewed today?

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1) this is not the Ben Garrison comic. 2) This comic would imply that the people seeking refuge are indeed downtrodden refugees, and not economic migrants. Replace the figure in front of the door for something more accurate. And then don't blame Israel for not letting them in. Blame your stupid European leaders for letting 1 million of them in over the last year without any vetting or verification process whatsoever. Hating on Israel from doing with the European Union should be doing won't get you anywhere.

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