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It's fucking sick, I did a paper on Sweden about 7 or 8 years ago when I was taking some classes and it wasn't a shit hole at all. It was one of the finest places to live according to studies and indexes. That's what you have to use on papers, you know sources that you can point to. One could argue that it was stagnate in contrast to the US as far as some liberties and taxes, but there was a high quality of life to have and people were doing well.

Well that got pissed away to hell pronto via Social Marxism and PC identity politics by virtue signalling by accepting ancient evil invaders into their home. It takes a special kind of moron to buy into that, but it also take one hell of a propaganda campaign to fool people that hard. Jews really have their shit together.

I think it's going to blow up in their faces and the world is too small this time for them to hide. This time, it's end game for them when the world at last gets sick and tired of their shit. They couldn't just lurk and quietly control shit and get away with it. They had to go for the big power grab. Arrogant and stupid.

Bad for them, but ultimately good for us.


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They have been exposed and punished before. The smartest, richest and most nefarious tended to survive the purges. We've literally bred our own worst enemy. In the real genocide carried out against the jewish people during world war 2, the least jewish of jews were rounded up and shot. The germans literally worked together with jewish communities to find "partisans" to execute. They ended up killing of factions of jews disliked by the jewish elite.

Not only are (((they))) the enemy of the european man, but of various jewish people as well! Fascinating stuff.