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That's almost a downvote a minute. I'm not even mad. That's impressive. No one can take a freshy account on an express elevator to hell quite like you, John.


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Lets fix up those stats then. -1 for the nigger.


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Its really funny how the most obvious shills use the same naming conventions. Kinda makes me wonder if the non-obvious shills would also use a similar convention without using names. I mean theres that one tranny who uses a month name and a noun or adjective.


[–] SmokeyMeadow 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

Do you really think John is an actual, factual paid shill? I mean, has that been determined? I tend to think he's just a rather prolific troll. A shill would at least try to fit in, because otherwise it's not believable. Then you have trolls like John, who appear to get off on pushing people's buttons. Everything he does is bait, from modding some shitfest anti-Trump subverse to telling people on a site dedicated to free speech that he's reported them for improper speech. The ShariaBlue links he posts are another dead giveaway. Not even a shill would be dumb enough to think those would have any traction here.