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Form letter # 57

I wish to express my gratitude for your input. There are times when viewing reddit that I get the impression that every single half wit who knows nothing but thinks they know it all, who is more than slightly deranged, who is a coward displaying endless aggression while hiding behind a computer keyboard, whose major vocabulary is made up of internet chat room buzzwords and meaningless rhetoric that has all the intellectual content of a fart, whose mind is stuck at the level of a backward 14 year old desperately seeking attention, who patently wants merely to have an identity no matter how shoddy and foolish and neither cares about nor understands the messages they bleat out, who treats political ideas as some sort of internet game where content is nothing and meaningless point scoring is everything, whose lack of actual social connection and real activity is due to their personal failings for which they give a ‘political’ veneer, whose obvious motivation is personal resentment and little else, who think that a foul mouth can cover up for a lack of thought, who are, in sum, nothing more than spoiled brats pretending in an imaginary world, gravitates to my end of the political spectrum.

This can be depressing, and it is always refreshing to come over here and see that there is a collection of equally inferior products who are exactly the same but have merely chosen a different side in the silly internet game they consider to be politics. I mean it, exactly the same, but who are merely playing a different side. This is extremely refreshing. It confirms that the problem is not in some ideas that attach to leftism but rather in the individuals who like to play at fake politics on the internet. It is wonderful to see that there is a group who are equally and even more so embarrassing to the causes they profess to support than the fools on my side.

Please keep up your efforts. They are greatly appreciated.


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Like I said change our name to but hurt.