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Fail dude, RTFA. Company has evidence of the act and more evidence to show this wasn't isolated.

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So, official statements already coming out from coworker that she had her ass pinched by him daily isn't evidence?

She messed up when she said it because she said she was okay with it, but it confirmed that he was doing these actions broadly.

I am not going with the 'believe her' rule. I'm going with the further details I did homework on.

I've also had family members get fried with faked charges of harassment. It is where I helped drill into them the following rules: document, say nothing until you get your lawyer, have your lawyer immediately request all of her social media and a scan of her cell phone as part of defense discovery.

First family member spent 2 years dealing with the issues. The others followed that to a T and even had one of them start a slander suit to get her social media as part of discovery since the DA was being a dick and not letting it come out. Within 24 hours of getting the subpoena for the cell phone and social media the charges were magically dropped.

Matt's witch hunt isn't. He's dirty.


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Whats the evidence? A he said/she said? My point was this: Is this the knee jerk reaction to the accusations of someone with an axe to grind?


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It says that it was the first complaint in 20 years.