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I love how shills or the mentally retarded always try to say well he has not done this or that. When like you just stated the amount of progress is staggering. Also, this 1 year in crap is bull as he was elected in November and only took office since the end of January. So in less than a year he has acheived more than Obongo did in 8+ years (except kill children) and has succeeded in improving the economy, securing the borders and improving foreign relations as well as countless other things. Just the changes for vets should be enough to earn him respect as a great President. All the while dealing with belligerent Dems who do nothing but stall and Soros funded, pedo Repub's that don't tow the party line.

But where my wall? Obamacare... Fucking pathetic twats. Trump will go down as one of the greatest President's in history and we have these retards whining about crumbs.


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The one thing that most people forget is President Trump is also defeating two of the largest and most corrupt political dynasties in US history.

Trump is getting wins even though he's still surrounded my deep state enemies - the (((Democrats))) are the most obstructionist party is US history and President Trump is weathering RINO attacks too... although the leaks seem to have stopped.

He's completely shattered the DNC - they have no leadership, no message, no budget and each day, more and more judges who respect our constitution are being installed. This will yield fruit for generations!

I wanna know what the 4000 sealed indictments are for too, because that has to be something huge - perhaps a massive human trafficking / pedo bust or something related to illegals and the politicians who are illegally supporting sanctuary cities? Perhaps something to do with the Clinton crime syndicate? I can't wait!

I dearly hope Judge Roy Moore, who seems to be the victim of a disgusting slander campaign, wins. That will damage the RINO's crushed spirits further and will likely result in even more swamp monster resignations!

Also, did you hear the fantastic news from today about Mick Mulvaney taking directorship of CFPB? That will completely fuck up another globalist deep state initiate! I read a great summary of the impact here.

So much winning - it's hard to track it all!

(I'm still not tired)



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Mulvaney is going to shake things up. Glad to hear the courts agreed with his appointment and his speech highlighted the distaste he has for the entire department. Cannot wait to see what changes occur under his direction.

The sealed indictments have to be for something huge. I do believe the Awan investigation as well as the Podesta links are part of it. But really who really knows until all cards are played. I think the entire world is going to shake once Trump drops his hand. That is what I truly love about him, he made promises I do believe he intends to keep and apart from immigration his message was quite clear. He is going to drain the swamp. People don't realize how big of a statement that is. Not only on a domestic front but many world powers are going to be exposed and they circumstances might change everything we have come to believe.