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Can't wait to see American's fall flat on their faces. All variables aside, to me the big tell is the state or health of the cultures on either side of this invasion. American culture is in decay and has been for a while. Not to mention that many men in America have been subjected to generations of precision social engineering which make them weaker, less motivated. You can call them stupid or easily fooled, but the fact is that you can convince a muslim soldier to do anything at a moments notice in battle. Western men... not so much. the brainwashing in the west is not as effective. As shit as my life has been, if I believed there were 72 virgins waiting for me after the suicide belt goes off... holy fucking shit, I'd put that belt on so fast I'd get rug burn.


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"I am a useful idiot"

Bold argument there.


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where is the lie

A decadent civilization will always give way to one that still has the basics of survival and family values right.