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Generation Z is a breath of fresh air. I hate my millenial generation I think we did a good job Red Pilling them by acting like fucking degenerate retards.

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I agree that the Millenial's mistakes can almost be appreciated because it's led to the red-pilling of Gen Z through harsh reality.

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"yeah, letting black people burn cars and say white people should die is a good PR impression that wont cause a generationally large backlash undoing 40 years of civil rights progress in less then 5 years"

"yeah, open relationships and STDs are things every person ever finds hot"

"yeah, were ok with the fact our children will have less becuase weve got to give it to violent immigrants"

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We should stop calling it political correctness because that implies they are correct.

Anywhere political correctness is used it should be called political control. She should have complained that there is a culture of political control on the campus.

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Fair point I've never thought of it like that...

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The point of the term politically correct is that it is only "correct" because it conveys political benefits of progressives' preferred groups over other groups. This is just like the term social justice. It has nothing to do with "justice" other than as defined by giving progressives' preferred groups preferential social positions over other groups. Both terms are oxymoronic.

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So what about those of us who were born 87-90? I know I speak for many others when I say that I do not identify with millennials whatsoever, even though I am one. I fucking hate those faggots. And I say that as someone who has to manage them every day for a living. They fucking suck at life....and that's putting it nicely.

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Everyone is capable of being redpilled, or hell, slipping through the cracks of indoctrination that most others like them undergo.

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I was born in 97. I'm glad to be part of gen z and i saw through tbe bullshit of leftist back in 2015

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What were the events/news/facts/books that made you realize that?

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Around the time people kept making excuses for obama being an awful president

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I say the part where he kept demonizing the police during the ferguson thing and the fact he never gave a shit about actually helping us and kept trying to make america the world police.

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For those who aren't familiar with what this is about, here is a video of Sargon of Akkad covering the situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HW5rdoqtTiQ

Pretty ironic for a couple of obvious nu-males to try and privately bully a female into submission.

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I want to have babies with her eyebrows

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She is ridiculously adorable. Please have 12 white babies ASAP.

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I heard the recorded audio before I knew what she looked like. And I knew right then, just KNEW that she would not be a red-haired, nose-pierced Snuffaluffagus.

best comment

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Breeding license approved for 24 kids. Get to it patriot. If you fail to meet the quota the voat goat chomps ur nuts off.

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keep watching other people talk about your rights.

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I didn't realize she was so damn purdy.

Also, she's awesome, a voice of reason in a sea of insanity it seems. Not too many of those these days.

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