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A History of Jews in American Higher Education Valerie B. Kolko

Throughout the history of American higher education, Jews have been both marginalized and unaccepted in collegiate life. Their history of discrimination in the United States led to the founding of religious and secular institutions in which Jewish American culture could be explored and celebrated.

From the inception of higher education in America with the founding of Harvard College in 1636, Jews were cast as outsiders beyond the realm of normal college life. Participation and eligibility in extracurricular activities was limited for centuries by the dominant Protestant paradigm; for example, institutionalised anti-Semitism across the country denied Jews the opportunity to join historically Christian fraternities (Horowitz 1987) and similar sentiments drastically affected the admission of Jews to medical schools in the United States (Halperin, 2001).


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when new accounts vociferously defend Jews by providing Jew studies about how Jews are discriminated against...


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Jewish tricks.


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Yes me sitting typing it out for you. I was tricked. ;)


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They couldn't join fraternities? Cry me a river.