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they want to fuck your kids

Pedophiles are hiding behind the LBGTQ movement and gaining access to children through state run programs and liberal adoption laws

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Relax bigot, it's not like the government is going to take your children away from you and force them to be gay after giving them a nice rapin' just for good measure.

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I used to be very tolerant of gays but with every passing day I get closer and closer to the notion of just gassing them all

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I was never tolerant, I just kept my opinions to my self and worked with them if I had too.

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Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I'm completely against gay marriage and I don't have any gay friends. However what you do in your bedroom is your right and I have to admit I have met some nice, non obvious gays who I got along with at work.

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Part of the diversity plan.

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Meh, I really don't care about the gays one way or another. But, I have to approve of anything that gets overly sensitive people's panties in a twist.

You know, its as if the homofags are just a little drop of Tabasco sauce in an already sandy vagina. That's what I like to see. The problem is, they don't really do enough. I mean, It's enough that they just go in dressed like a rainbow. So, teaching the kids about homofagotism is redundant. The rainbow itself is enough to piss off the pearl clutchers. What would really amuse me is if they went in dressed like a rainbow and just taught the kids something else the sandy vaginas would hate. Like evolution. Or teach the kids that the Earth is round and more than 6000 years old. Or just play some rock and roll or something.

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Dressed like a demon...

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bro... you should see that mother fucker with his make-up off

no way you would let him on the same side of the street as your kids

that demon shit is an improvement

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I think I looted some Gauntlets of Ogre Power off of one of those back in my teens.

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He looks fucking terrifying. He shouldn't be anywhere near children.

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So you'd think, but Clowns are a thing.

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thats not a clown

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We have all the power, once we finally wake up it will be trivial to hunt these people down. They stick out like a sore thumb, they constantly advertise their degeneracy to everyone around them. We just look like any other person, they wont be able to effectively target us without waging a war on the genral public and starting a biblical war. We could hit them with guerrilla strikes and then dissappear back into the general population with minimal collatteral damage. We just have to wake enough of our people up to what must be done.

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The easiest way to deal work these clowns is to simply dismiss them and not pander to them.

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Gay guy here. This isn't everyone. This isn't normal. People can be gay without drag queen story time being a thing.

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I hear the same thing about Muslims and violence.

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You know it was tolerance to not burn you alive because you stayed in the closet, right? Busting out of the closet puts you and yours in mortal danger, people doing this stuff should worry you.

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This is why I'm a fan of the second amendment cupcake.

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Gays are OK. The (((media))) however wants to only focus on the ones NO ONE wants to be around.

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Do me a favor and read my other post in this thread and follow through with it. Please, please, pretty please!

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I'm not wearing rainbows or teaching kids anything.

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