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How many of "what"? Keep in mind that right-wing white men have committed nearly two times as many domestic attacks than Muslims over the past decade.



[–] Kregan 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

@JohnCStevenson-Another bigfoot sighting


[–] archvile7 ago  (edited ago)

That’s funny John, this image has literally nothing to do with domestic assaults or attacks.

Also, how many refers to all of the points in the picture. How many suicides. How many homeless. How many homicide victims. How many domestic abuse victims. Etcetera. Are you really that dumb to not understand the context of the phrase “how many”? How many of those victims were niggers? How many were CAUSED by niggers?

But if you want to look at your completely unrelated point, we’ve still got some catching up to do to beat 9/11’s death toll, decade ago or not.