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For those who don't know: the 40% domestic abuse figure (a minority case, rather than all the other points, which are majority cases) is there because most people assume that when talking about domestic abuse it is a case of a man beating or abusing a woman, when in reality almost half of the cases are the men being abused.

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Well that's simply logical isn't it? Of course half of all abuse victims are men, half the population is male.

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Nope, it would be really weird if all behaviors broke down according to exact demographic percentages.

If that happened it would suggest that we are all exactly the same except for some cosmetic differences.

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That's not really how it works.

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Now let's break it down to how many of those are caused by dindu's.

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We should have a whole month dedicated to that

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Ignoring problems is so fucking alpha bro

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@JohnCStevenson-Another bigfoot sighting

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That’s funny John, this image has literally nothing to do with domestic assaults or attacks.

Also, how many refers to all of the points in the picture. How many suicides. How many homeless. How many homicide victims. How many domestic abuse victims. Etcetera. Are you really that dumb to not understand the context of the phrase “how many”? How many of those victims were niggers? How many were CAUSED by niggers?

But if you want to look at your completely unrelated point, we’ve still got some catching up to do to beat 9/11’s death toll, decade ago or not.

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Happy men's day brothers. Stay strong.

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Not to mention that men invented, discovered and built 99% of everything of lasting value.

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White men, no less.

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If one of the 72 genders deserves a special day, its men!

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So men are pussies now? Fuck this victim laden mentality. If we are gonna have a man day it needs to be about our conquests an prowess, not this whiny ass shit that attempts to paint men as weak.

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These ARE our conquests. We put up with all this shit and still do better than women could ever fucking dream.

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On one hand I totally agree. On the other hand that suicide rate is real, and it doesn't take a weakling to get killed by a steam explosion or a machine tipping on him. It's a pussy meme, but our strength is being intelligent and self thinking. We can make our own conclusions from this.

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It's not weak to admit you need help.

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If a woman is abusing a man, the law doesn't allow him to give her a beating and put a stop to it. It doesn't offer him protection either.

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