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Jew hate crimes against whites are often more subtle than black hate crimes against whites. Blacks attack whites physically in the street, but Jews attack the reputation of whites, attack our careers, stop us from getting into good universities, stop us from getting jobs, get us fired from our jobs.

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And steal our pensions, divert our tax dollars to fight their wars, use our government against us,...

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Break down our family structure, corrupt and brainwash our children, pervert our natural healthy self preservation biological drive,...

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An anti-Semite is not somebody that hates Jews.

An anti-Semite is somebody that Jews hate.

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There are only about 2 worse labels to give a white person; rapist, and baby-rapist, general racist is a close 4th, but about the 3rd worst thing you can call a white person is "antisemitic"....

That's why the go-to tactic of all "minorities" is to just call their opponent "racist", Jews up the ante implying genocidal racist with their "antisemitic" canard. Of course with increased levels of Goyim knowing they'll probably more and more push to just label us all "rapists".....

Then again the "mentally ill" label is pretty brutal too and is all too often erroneously used by schizophrenic kikes.... And I've seen those labeled "mentally ill" be treated far worse than rapists.

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Meh. Fuck them. Seriously, Jewish princess’ have been some of the best sport fucks in my life. Could Not Stand them for more than a month in close proximity, but eager to please.

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Ew, how can you stand fucking one of those inbreds. Disgusting.

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Why do we like blowjobs? It's not like it feels better than a pussy; it's always hit-or-miss depending on the girl, but there is a level of dominance that is attributed to it and that's part of why it's appealing, I would imagine.

When you fuck a Jewish princess you are literally fucking Jews in their means of reproduction and continuation, it's got to be a psychological thing.

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they are sluts. and god damn annoying.