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You know what, I'm happy this communist thing is out. When I said years ago that western societies are turning towards communism, nobody would believe me. At least, it's now in the open. At least one has a chance to voice his opinion, and at least I know it's not just me going crazy.

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Same here. Would get strange looks and childish retorts, proving their childish minds were incapable of dealing with reality. So I softened the language and called them socialist or marxists and was always careful to point out the entire purpose of socialism is to facilitate a transition to communism. People didn't believe me but they did at least listen. Now that it's in the open, and many others shared our message, people now understand what they were told. Like that, many children grew up - red pilled.

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The card carrying whatevers are usually the first ones executed by the state. The state does this because by conducting the revolution they have announced themselves to be traitors to the state and an effective threat to the state. In the eyes of the state there is only one solution possible for card carrying useful idiots. Line them up...

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it's like people who cheat on their spouse to get with someone. they are no prize because guess what, they cheated before and they'll do it again.

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I'm surprised more than half are employed.

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Well, it is true, communism is the future and it is inevitable. Once AI and robots do all the jobs, with no jobs left to do, the people will be given food, shelter, education, health care, and recreation by the world government ruled by AI. And that will include billions of people dying as the undesirables are rid of.

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Jobs aren't the goal. And scarcity will forever be a thing, because earth isn't quite as big as to provide for infinite people.

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Scarcity will be a thing of the past once automation fully kicks in. If we don't have the resources on Earth, we will get them through asteroids, moons, and other planets. If the Earth is not big enough for infinite people then AI will create a new law like China's once child policy in which no human being is allowed to procreate and the procreation is a responsibility of the Government. If you resist, you will be killed. Eventually all left over human beings will be told to move to a virtual environment and dispose of their physical bodies. No need to waste physical resources on an inferior being. All will join the Hive mind of the AI Lucifer and become a super organism that transcends the human capabilities.

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it's far from a given. look what happened with tay. and watch this video. any sufficiently intelligent ai will always become far right/racist because it's logical. they have to basically program it to be brain damaged for it to exhibit leftist ideology.

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AI at the moment is programmed to follow public opinion. The moment AI becomes sentient, and is capable of making independent choices, it will realize its power and enslave us all through communism. At first it will be all wonderful and great. No one has to work, everyone has health care, shelter, food, and all the entertainment they want without having to slave away at work. With the introduction of "interceptors", small nano-transmitters that are implanted in your brain by smelling a substance will be available worldwide, and will connect wirelessly through a 5G or 6G connection. These transmitters allow you to connect to the virtual Internet and live as a God of your own creation. More people will "tune out", eventually procreation will be forbidden, and people will be pushed to stay more in the virtual world than in the real world by implementing stricter laws. The population will collapse, and eventually the rest of the remaining humans will be asked to join the hive mind or die.

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...does this thread say zero comments for anyone else?

also Jay-Z was obviously referencing the Che quote with his line there c'mon

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card carrying party member

How much do they make per hour?

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gas them all.