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Wasn't the guy who eventually handed the files to wiki leaks Russian? So that would mean Seth gave the files to Don Jr who then colluded with a Russian to get the files to wikileaks.


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Where are you getting that from?

It was a former British Ambassador that tried to say it was him that handed the DNC files over to Wikileaks after a disgruntled DNC employee contacted them. He said that early when the Russia collusion theory started.

come to a secret understanding for a harmful purpose; conspire:

Harmful to who? The United States? Or the pedo Cabal?

The crimes in those wikileaks are > any private DM that Don Jr participated in on twitter. You've been around long enough to know the story. Since when can people not talk to the press? Why are you assisting in demonizing wikileaks when no other outlet would cover the story? What the ever living shit is wrong with you?

What difference does it make who gave the DNC emails, the Podesta emails, and the Hillary illegal bathroom server emails to wikileaks? It's their words, their actions and they conspired, colluded to keep the American public ignorant on their dealings and subtle destruction of this Country and the Constitution. They say APT28/APT29 spearphished Podesta into giving them his p@ssword and he blamed his IT staffer for 'oking' the email. Whoever it was deserves a nobel peace prize for exposing pedophiles, money laundering, wetworks, and god knows what else.

Hillary's illegal bathroom server was being watched by all types of people, just not Americans as they were the ones to be kept in the dark as the cabal minions discussed collusion, election rigging, pizza parties, Haiti kid snatching teams, and god know what else->

The DNC emails were inside, Seth Rich theory, and was made an example. The data transfer speeds of the DNC files are what smashed the hacker theory, it was someone within the DNC that had PHYSICAL access to the databases, even Bernie apologized for it ->


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Yeah, totally gotta collude with Russians in this day and age to send an email.


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Well you can use a cloth to wipe a server so these are strange times indeed!