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Donna Brasile was afraid she would be botch robbed and killed by the same random people too? apparently

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"Sniped through her windows" by those "Botched-Robber" criminals, as she stated. Seems odd that you would be afraid for your life from highly skilled snipers running around committing random robbery homicides where they don't steal anything. Rich's murder supposedly was just a random event that wasn't tied to any one person or organization, why is she afraid for her life?

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yeah, it's amazing the lengths these "people" go through just to ignore the obvious and repeat the lie... amazing

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Narrative collapse!

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I'm missing the part where they say seth rich is the leaker?

Edit: Wikileaks confirms nothing, headline is utter bullshit. New owners of domain that used to be owned by Wikileaks make claim with no proof.

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Well, someone did. The Wlsearch.tk domain changed hands recently, so it's not official WikiLeaks anymore. And now after the crap about Don Jr/WikiLeaks came out, it has a message saying Seth was the leaker.

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it has a message saying Seth was the leaker

Yeah, I'm not seeing it. Wonder if its really there or my ad block is fucking with me.

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Those transcripts look fake as fuck. The messages are purportedly from WL, but they read like some Dem lefty faggot wrote them.

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Dude browses /pol/ in his phone...

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Raw dog it man.

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That's a fucking task. HEY BROWSER PLEASE UNFREEZE.

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I smell bullshit. Wikileaks will not break their own rules. They never ever reveal their leak sources/party.

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No but it sounds like they're OK with someone else leaking the source. If your sources wind up dead you're no longer protecting them by staying silent now the opposite becomes true.

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what a bullshit title

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I ain't buying it. I don't see why the website would call it pizzagate when that wasn't even a name when Seth was killed.

Seth died July 10th, 2016. "pizzagate became a search term long after" https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today%205-y&q=pizzagate

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There is a bit of mystery regarding the website atm. The webarchive wayback machine shows snapshots of the website. It is a clone of actual wikileaks and specifically Podesta emails, Clinton, and DNC. The website we see now is the statement written as if it was Seth Rich.

Pizzagate only became that term when reddit/pizzagate people were uncovering pedo-code in the nightly dumps by wikileaks. More specifically "pizza-related maps" when a real-estate rental agent contacts Podesta saying the rental home they used to party at had a handkerchief left on the kitchen counter and "may be pizza-related". That linked JimmyComet/Alefantis instagram with many of the codewords/imagery like a toddler taped to a ping-pong table and another wearing "i'm a pizza slut". /r/pizzagate was then shutdown by reddit and most found their way here if they werent here already.

Assange has mentioned he isn't in control of his twitter, so we don't know who was actually DMing Trump Jr, it could of been an elaborate spearphish using a website clone trying to bait Trump Jr into visiting the once malicious site, I haven't found anything malicious yet and just looks like a clone of what is sitting on WL now and back then. Either way when these DMs were sent to Trump Jr the website was different, now its the easter egg.

Seth Rich rips emails -> contacts Wikileaks -> Wikileaks send middle-man former UK Ambassador to collect files -> Files end up @ wikileaks -> Assange & Wikileaks spend time verifying its contents to keep accurate reputation intact -> releases to public to search

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