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When somebody that heavy duty (and she is VERY heavy duty) says that you "won't be missed" they are dead serious about taking you out.

I don't care how the fuck much money this cow has she needs to be rounded up by the SS, thrown in jail and tortured just to send a message to all of her other elite buddies that playtime is over.

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be a shame if someone took her out first

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A damn shame.

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Her : Did you miss me ?

My response: With every bullet so far.

/Al Bundy

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If anything happens to Trump it will be a blood bath for the entire Rothschild family. They will all be hunted down and eliminated and it wouldn't stop with just them.

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Lynn is afraid we will find out money is just paper- and that she is a complete fraud- she is a vile bitch and she is well aware of the insurance policy that Trump has, she can Tweet all the threats she wants it is her that lives in a prison, not us. She hangs out with the scum of the earth- and she is publically being mocked and ridiculed and she is frightened- she has always been the queen of the ball, but the dance has been cancelled and she has no one to make fun of but herself- she is a sad woman and she has to see that the moment she put a hit on a sitting Pres- the first she didn't own-she sealed her own fate- her head will be on a stick before the body is even cold. I say throw her under the guillotine and watch the rats scurry. Your doorman can be bought sweety. Its just a matter of time. Viva La Revolution .

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Yes she is.

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I've been thinking about this for a while. If they would do JFK, even Vegas, you know trumps not safe. I think that's why he'll never do the things we really need like get rid of the federal reserve.

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In the tweet she refers to USA as "our great USA", she doen't mean "the people's USA" She means her family owns the USA.

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I guess the secret service have someone new to talk with. Should be interesting!

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You know the Secret Service is on her payroll, right?

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BTW Lynn de Rothschild is 63 years old. I know she has unlimited access to spare parts, but still, who's she calling old.

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How could a 13 year-old girlfriend do that?

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You missed , " MS 13 "

As in Ms ( insert name )


MS 13 the gang

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You missed my veiled reference to Hillary's predilection for teenaged girls.

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