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"the problem with blacks is the fathers are never around"

no the problem with blacks is genetic, and 400 years of White Man's Burden has changed nothing.

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Judging the character of most niggers, they're probably better off without the fathers around. They get mama's current, live-in fuck buddy instead.

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If only more bucks did this with their progeny.

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No excuse.
No reasoning with this type of person.

Straight to fertilizer.

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I say give him a medal. He killed his own nigger baby and prevented a new generation of scum from growing up. More niggers should follow his lead.

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To be fair: niggers aren't even suitable as fertilizer because of the bio-hazard from all of their STDs.

You can't even dump 'em in the ocean because their STD riddled corpses are 100% likely to wash up and ruin a white family's day out at the beach.

Niggers ruin everything.

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Idk he looked really grief stricken in the video maybe we should try to rehabilitate him /s

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We are fortunate to live in a civilised country wherein sterilization of violent criminals is no longer policy. "Inhumane" and such.

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Well, that's because he's sorry he got caught.

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To be fair, it did stop the crying.

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I hope he gets raped every day and just as he one day starts liking it, someone should punch him to death for being a faggot.

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Not if affirmative action doesn't admit him to Harvard or NYU first.

I wish I was joking. Baby killing and being Black is literally a way to get $200,000 of government funding for a phD: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/09/13/us/harvard-nyu-prison-michelle-jones.html

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I'd rather just execute him rather than pay to keep him incarcerated.

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This thread should lift your spirits a bit. The guy got killed in prison for beating his 2-day-old daughter to death because she wouldn't stop crying.

Two. days. old.

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Thanks for the link, death never lifts my spirit and i am not much of a nigger-hater. "Normal" prisoners are not kind to people who hurt children.

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strange, I saw the same exact story trending but the trending story had a white guy instead. I wonder why this story isn't trending..Did both stories happen at the same exact time? What's with punching babies to death suddenly.


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white privilege

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Now that's what I call stopping crime before it starts.

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Father of the year award?

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