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I suggest replacing RINO, with "Diet Democrat"

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I think "cuntfaced liar faggots" has a better ring.

[–] rabbot 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

It's ridiculous, the GOP had it all. Then they want to play to the deep-state or whatever, and undermine President Trump wherever they can. Come midterms when the GOP gets lit up like the Dems did last time, the media will report it as "everyone is sick of Donald Trumps divisiveness..." "America votes to take democracy back..." and whatever other fake headlines it can come up with. When in all reality, the GOP failed the country...sad.

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GOP hasn't failed anybody. They've been 100% loyal to their globalist masters. You're a fucking sucker if you think the GOP was ever on your side.

[–] rabbot 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Sadly a year ago I was a sucker in part. While I never thought they'd be on our side, I figured they would have the sense enough to realize they could make some real difference. As it shook out however, they played their parts as globalists, RINO's and politicians perfectly...and as you stated, have been 100% loyal to their masters. It wasn't long before I knew President Trump was doing something right as EVERYONE is against him.

[–] Trogdor300 2 points 6 points (+8|-2) ago 

At this point I have more respect for Dems then I do for republicans. the dems will tell you upfront that they want to steal your money , take away your guns , open up the country to who ever wants to come in and drive companies out of business in name of climate change. Republicans are just spineless cowards.

[–] tendiesonfloor 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Republicans aren't spineless cowards. They're controlled opposition. They're complicit and duplicitous, not frightened. You're wholly misunderstanding the situation if you think republicans genuinely want a different direction for the US than the globalist democrats. It's all just an act to make you believe there are options when really there are none.

The GOP will never let Obamacare be repealed. They'll never allow secure borders. They'll never allow middle class tax relief. They'll never balance the budget. They'll NEVER prosecute Hillary/DNC/DWS. They'll squawk about it all day, they'll make millions of gullible suckers believe they're on their side, but when the vote comes up, it will NEVER happen.

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That are traitors 100%. Americas enemy are people who use the law to force collectivism on us and rob us our individual freedoms.

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Exactly the crooks circle the wagons and never attack one of their own... until Brazile and others dumping on Hillary very recently they defend their own.

Look at the rhinos trying to jump on Roy Moore exactly like they've done to every establishment target before

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It's worth noting that 'immigration' is not on that truck. I have noticed a hard pivot from it by these MAGApede types. Lets not forget that Immigration is what got Trump elected, nobody was shouting 'Build the Tax Reform!'.

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Vote all incumbents out of office.

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The Republicans are as big a problem as the dems and in a lot of cases a bigger problem. I can't want to cast my vote against every establishment Republican I can and I hope everyone else does the same.

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Uhh that is quite clearly, an elephant.

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yea and politicians have your best interests in mind

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The RINOs are part of the deep state and Trump is rocking their boat. MAGA

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