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Look up Paul Pelosi. And then, just for fun, add corruption. Paul Pelosi Corruption. Hey, that’s some list. I wonder? I wonder how he was able to obtain all those land rights? And just in time before Billions of dollars were to be invested. Gee, some luck.

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Wasn't he making money off US government weapons deals during the Iraq war when she was condemning the war? I think it was them.

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From her jewish family in Argentina. Pelosi is an Argentinian jewess.

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not sure, she pretends to be Christian anyways, Pelosi says she is Italian-American.....father is perhaps a former mayor of Baltimore who comes from Abruzzo Italy Montenerodomo...other allege Argentina and some say is connected maybe with an Argentinian Jew family but without proof this is just conspiracy?

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Jews always liked to hide amongst the Italians. Enter Ray Ramono

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she is feigning senility quite often lately

setting up the traditional Mafia defense

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Selling blowjobs. That's how she made her first $1 million and 5 cents.

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Who gave her 5 cents?

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Everyone paid her 5 cents.

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This is Great! We should make more of theese memes with the other questions from Q.

Let the normies redpill themselves by investigating the questions and think on their own.

Follow the white rabbit!

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didn't she pass abunch of laws that helped out her husbands investments?

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Congress/Senate isn't legally bound to not insider trade. Her husband is a hedge fund manager.

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It's well known in California that her lawyer husband acts as the bag man. The payouts go into his business.

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I believe much has to be unlearned before it can be learned. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of people this never takes place. Americans treat politics like sports; so, right or wrong, my team is always right. It's interesting how they turn into core beliefs of self, instead of say strongly held opinions that are open to changing in the future. A lot of it, I believe has to do with U.S. education and the tendency to make everything a religion. What's made things even more acute in recent times is the popularity of talk radio / TV pundits that reinforce these ideas of "politics as religion".

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