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Not a problem when you own the DOJ.

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Exactly. She had planned to complete the commie/cronycapitalist bankster takeover by now.

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She would have started WW3 and declared martial law.

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Wikileaks is not a Russian agency.

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Liberals 2007: "OMG Wikileaks makes muh dick so hard, mmmmm! Leaking all over Bush and the Republicans!"


Kill yourself, John.

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Do you realize those "Russian Agents" have been exposed as working for FusionGPS who were hired by the Clinton Campaign to entrap Trump. They are the ones behind the "Russian Interference".

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GRRM, of Game of Thrones "fame" is a liberal piece of shit, but I remember one conversation in the books where one character talks about four people in the room, a king, a merchant, a priest and a lowly soldier, and asks the other person who among them has the power. All the king's horses and all the king's men are not going to stop that one bullet with your name on it.

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we need another Christopher Dorner. Someone capable, who also doesn't give a fuck anymore.

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She would have purposely started WW3 and declared martial law.

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What's sad is the secret service from Bill's detail doesn't suicide that family themselves.

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"B-b-but Trump hired hookers to pee on his bed!"

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While eating icecream and watching anime in his jammies. 4chan pulled the most epic troll on the NeverTrumpers...

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To be fair,Putin got took. Bitch ain't worth $3.50.

[–] NoBS 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

US National Security is worth more than a couple of billion.

145 million is cheap at twice the price.

[–] Merlynn 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

And she'd have done it for $3.50. He got took.

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Hillary will sell out anyone if you give her enough money. And because she has no real loyalty to anyone, nobody had any real loyalty to her either. And as she's finding out, they will sell her out for enough money too.

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Putin is smarter than Clinton.

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muh Russia

Russia = enemy narratives are essentially anti-white narratives.

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Jews have always ginned white countries up against one-another. How else you going to get that white genocide?

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Sessions is more loyal to the Deep State than anybody Hillary could have installed.

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I don't like Sessions, never have. But this investigation is being handled covertly by hundreds of loyal patriots. Sessions cannot proceed until indictments are unsealed.

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