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Exactly. I saw people on /r/politics the other day complaining about how "conservative" Voat seemed to them. Boo hoo hoo, little Bernie Jr. can't have his liberal echo chamber.

The only thing I've seen so far that's "conservative" about this place is that people seem to be more accepting of other people's view than on that one site, what's it called know.

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I actually saw an debate break out between two users, both state their position, identify differences in their stances, then agree that they will never agree, but that they still respect each others opinion. It was then I knew I had arrived in the place I'd like to call home.


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Go back to reddit you liberal scum /s


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Breath of fresh air, isn't it? Loving this diversity of opinion.


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That's fascinating they'd think its too conservative here. From a political perspective, I don't identify with one party or ideology but I'm certainly aware that I'm about as far to the left in opinions as one can get. How boring it would be to only have discussions with like-minded people. Part of what makes politics interesting is hearing the opposite side.