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What the hell?

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Found this on 4chan

http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/146420733 ...Eric Paddock (ID: JVyykL0B) KN NASA, Las Vegas and Uranium On(...) 10/23/17(Mon)19:34:33 No.146420733 568 KB 568 KB GIF Hello All,

I want to talk to you about my brother Stephen Paddock and Pizzagate. I know a lot of you think there is something kind of conspiracy involving bots such as @NASAspecialops and while that is partly true, the conspiracy is far deeper than that.

You see it began with President Truman and what the media are hiding from you, is that the buck stops with Stephen Paddock, my brother.

As you will see here, Stephen was a pretty good bowler, he was the head of the NASA team https://twitter.com/floyd_party_o_4/status/917201801182699520

During November of last year, just as Comet Ping Pong was being uncovered but before the raid… Stephen had managed to get in touch with his estranged daughter via Big Cheese LLC, which happens to be an offshoot of rancine. At some point during the past ten years, Big Cheese LLC was directly in possession of Besta Pizza on Conneticut Avenue DC, it might blow your mind to know, NASA are the current owners of Besta Pizza DC and Stephen Paddock’s daughter is part of the Russian space program, which DC have kept hidden from public for years.

Fond of anagrams, Stephen heard his daughter was on voat and asked me to do some trolling with a photo he left for her alongside that infamous roll of sellotape.

So here’s the photo for Daisy, the skittles are a bowling reference https://voat.co/v/news/2191150

I don’t have my driver’s license or anything where I right now but if you ask me anything, I will be able to prove who I am.

Thanks for your time and consideration

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I am calling bullshit. This is the poster who said his Dad runs "Racine", except he always types Rancine." Not buying his brother crap.

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Low effort