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Rand Paul is my spirit animal.

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Abolish legal tender laws, allow competing currencies and we won't need the petro dollar or an empire.

Currency competition is the only way. Then trade would truly be free because countries would only trade with countries that are their equals. Wars would also no longer be profitable.

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What about the "American interests"? Not sure what that is-but I have been hearing about protecting them-since the 60's. Corporate America and Israel have better plans for your children and our tax dollars. Just sayin.

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American interest = whatever the MIC think tanks say at any given moment in time

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Yes because wars are so much fun

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Miss Lindsey is Israels boy and a closet faggot and possible pedo

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For some reason Iran is now in the cross hairs. What the fuck did they do?

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Oy vey they are in the way of the greater Israel project

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They are one of the last three countries in the world that are not controlled through a central banking system and the IMF. Iran, North Korea, and Cuba are all that are left.

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No one really knows for sure, we know they kicked out the french and the brits in the 50s and confiscated their oil industry property.

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Friend in the .mil has been talking about the ITN (Iranian Threat Network.) I'm of the opinion that it's just the CIAnigger network through wich clintons sold people, weapons, and uranium in the sandbox.