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So, what am I supposed to be seeing here?

He ate radioactive material, and then demonstrated that uranium reacts to heat.

Wtf is this bullshit, and why the fuck is it on page 1?

Seriously, goats, quit upvoating absolute garbage.


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Then see - This was about 10 mins old with as many ups and no downs, #2 on all when I saw it, not archived at the time.

Then notice and

Shit posting from multiple accounts as explained here

Or farming points?


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Galen Winsor shows you that radiation is not as dangerous as they tell you. After handling and eating and breathing uranium, plutonium and other highly radioactive substances all his life, he passed away in 2008 at 82 years of age.


[–] qwop 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Well radiation is dangerous, but since that particular material he used in his demonstration was insoluble in the human body, he will poop it all out the next day. I really don't get the demonstration. Is he trying to advocate sprinkling the earth indiscriminately with stuff like that. Doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

After Curie discovered radium it was used in all sorts of stunts, and as a miracle medicine for pretty much anything. Only after people started getting seriously ill was something done to limit its use. That should be enough information already. That was long before there was any nuclear industry.

Story of the Radium Girls:

He also advocates using depleted uranium in ammunition. Just ask the people in Irak today what they think about depleted uranium. I call this guy out for being a shill for the military complex.


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And what the fuck does that have to do with the subject?


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You can make anti tank rounds easy with depleted uranium. HRC sold uranium to Russia so they now have anti tank rounds.


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Exactly. Most people seem to be missing the point. I thought it was pretty clear.


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Probably not goats. Goats tend to comment more than up or downvoating. Because they don't really give shits about fake internet points.


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Hey wait, I do! Give me up voats